Dr. Jefferson Stewart | Principal Strategist

Your business can perform better in the 21st century, if you liberate your employees from

the rigid organizational structures that have been in place for the past 100 years. 


You can have a company that knows how to collaborate, innovate and self-govern within a four-dimensional framework to manage resources and opportunities.

1d. Your front-line employees will solve problems from the bottom up.

2d. Your supervisors will manage results rather than people issues.

3d. Your executive team will adeptly align resources with high

       performance maneuvers.

4d. You’ll learn how to introduce new ideas and channel disruptive technologies from

       asymmetrical alliances that your competitors can’t even recognize.

For 20 years, companies have been flattening their organizations to extract short-term profits. 

In the long-run, they've created an over-tasked workforce that struggles under the last remnants of an outdated and squashed bureaucratic hierarchy.

The result is inflexible businesses, that try as they might, can’t maneuver quickly in their strategic markets.

The solution is not to think flat. Instead, build a four dimensional framework within and around your organizational dynamics. 

Collaborative know-how improves People, Processes and Performance

Our purpose is to liberate human potential. Our premise is to share knowledge within businesses, across borders and among individuals who seek competitive advantage. We do this with content which we place into three categories: People, Process and Performance.

  • We begin with people skills to develop talent, cultivate innovative ideas and find purposeful outlets for all
  • We share business processes so we can make human interaction more ethical, effective and productive
  • We lead, execute and manage performance across hard and soft metrics to reinvest our gains and share our abundance